Interior Design

INTRODUCING The Living Room’s Interior Design Services.
Want a home renovation? room renovation? new bathroom? bespoke furniture? update your windows? a fresh coat of paint? – However big or small we are here to help.
After serving Mumbai for over 46 years, we are bundling our years of Interior and furniture experience and professionalism to introduce our hassle free Interior Design Services.

Our process:

Make Contact: Contact our Interior Design Team and set up an appointment.
Meeting of the minds: Meet at our office to discuss your dream home with us.
Brewing: Give us a few days to design and plan.
Finalize: We meet again at our office where we present you with design options.
Execute: Once you are happy we execute.

Why US?
– We make it simple and pain free: Discuss – Design – Discuss –Execute
– We use branded materials and fittings.
– We co-ordinate with the different teams and workers to keep your project moving forward on a timely basis.
– Ensure work is done to standard and efficiently.
– Your Bespoke Furniture is made in our factories and assembled at your home.
– Our promise goes beyond design – WE EXECUTE!

Contact our Interior Design Team: